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Rainbow Belt 3.0 - Swiss Botanic - Cannabis CBD Switzerland

Name: Rainbow Belt 3.0

Quantity: 11g
THC content:
CBD content:
Taste: Very floral, sweet and sour aroma with musky notes
Growing: Indoor
Price per gram: Chf 4.55 .-

Rainbow Belt 3.0 CBD is one of Swiss Botanic 's most popular CBD products, thanks to its high CBD content and sweet, tangy flavours.

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The product

Rainbow Belt 3.0 , also known as "Rainbow Belt", is a variety of indica marijuana resulting from the crossing of Moonbow with Zkittlez. The effects of Rainbow Belt 3.0 are mainly soothing. Consumers say this strain delivers a euphoric high that leaves you feeling happy and relaxed. Rainbow Belt 3.0 has sedative qualities, so it's best enjoyed during the evening hours. The flavor and aroma of this strain may remind you of a sweet, tropical side. Consumers often choose Rainbow Belt 3.0 to relieve symptoms associated with insomnia. According to growers, this variety blooms in wispy nuggets with bright orange curly hairs and frosty green foliage.

This strain was originally created by Archive Seed Bank.

Rainbow Belt 3.0 CBD originated in America before spreading throughout Europe. Its name comes from the purplish-blue color of its buds and leaves. Its taste is also reminiscent of the blueberry.

Its buds are voluminous and covered with trichomes dotted with orange-colored pistils.

You'll be familiar with Swiss Botanic, the retailer of CBD products, but you should know that he's also a producer. As such, he leaves nothing to chance and takes great care of his plants to ensure that the final products he delivers to you are of the highest quality.

Grown indoors, the herbs are watered with pure water during the last three weeks of flowering. They then undergo an appropriate, slow drying process. Curing is an essential step in refining the quality of the flowers.

The resulting products have a good CBD content. Rainbow Belt has a CBD content of 23-28% 3.0.

Rainbow Belt 3.0 is packaged in an 11-gram sachet. It contains a terpene shield Boveda which preserves all its aromas and flavours.

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Try out all the CBD flavors on our online store. Quality is the order of the day with professional producers like Swiss Botanic.

Its aroma is fruity, tangy and sweet with tropical nuances. Rainbow Belt 3.0 weed CBD spreads a musky note. Its flavor is pleasant and sweet.

Rainbow Belt 3.0 is stimulating and relaxing. This property makes it ideal for therapeutic use. Its effect takes a few minutes to kick in, but once it's in, it's powerful and lasts for a while. The euphoric state is always present. It can be used as a painkiller and also for sleep disorders, anxiety and depression. Rainbow Belt 3.0 CBD is appreciated by enthusiasts because it is pleasant to smoke.

Don't let the pleasant, sweet flavours fool you. We're dealing with a plant that provokes a pretty powerful "high", which is due to the incredible CBD content of its buds, 28%.