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Cherry Cosmo - Swiss Botanic - Cannabis CBD Switzerland

Name: Cherry Cosmo

Quantity: 11g
THC content:
CBD content:
Taste: Very floral, sweet and acidic
Cultivation: Indoor
Price per gram: Chf 4.55 .-

Cherry Cosmo CBD grown by Swiss Botanic is one of the finest qualities of indoor cannabis to be found in Switzerland. Its THC content is less than 1% and its CBD content ranges from 18% to 27%. This legal cannabidiol strain is predominantly indica and has been awarded the Most Wanted Label.

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The product

Cherry Cosmo CBD is a plant named after the cosmic quality of its buds and leaves. For the last 3 weeks, we water it with pure water to release all its aromas. The buds are voluminous and covered with trichomes interspersed with pretty orange pistils. Buds give off flavors reminiscent of sweet red fruits, accompanied by extremely sweet notes. Sold in small bags with boveda on our online CBD shop, the beautiful buds remain intact until opened.

Let yourself be seduced by the pleasant, sweet cherry flavours... It takes a few minutes to fully appreciate all its effects, but once they're there, you'll enjoy them for hours. You'll feel your body relax and enjoy pleasant sensations of euphoria. Thanks to its relaxing and stimulating properties, Cherry Cosmo CBD is often used for therapeutic purposes. It helps combat anxiety and depression, and induces deeper sleep. This cannabis strain is also said to be an excellent painkiller, particularly for neuropathic pain.

Cherry Cosmo CBD lives up to its name, which translates as "cherry" in English. It's a plant with incredibly sweet, fruity aromas, with a touch of sweetness reminiscent of red fruit, and delicate floral nuances. If you love sweet treats, Cherry Cosmo cannabis will win your heart!

When it comes to strains that have changed the history of cannabis hybridization and cultivation, the one that immediately springs to mind is the legendary Cherry Cosmo. This hybrid marijuana variety was created in the United States before quickly spreading to the European market. In 2000, Cherry Cosmo won the High Times' 2000 Cannabis Cup as the best indica strain.

Even today, Cherry Cosmo is considered an indica hybrid of exceptional quality. We recommend it for its fruity, clean cherry taste and balanced, positive effects. This strain remains the number-one choice for many cannabis growers and consumers worldwide.