CBD-Victory AUTO Seeds - Dutch Passion Cuttings and seeds
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CBD-Victory AUTO Seeds - Dutch Passion

Name CBD-Victory AUTO Seeds

Suitable for : Indoor and outdoor
Sex : Feminized - Autoflowering
Genotype : 25% Indica - 75% Sativa
Flowering (since germination) : 10-13 weeks
THC: <0.3%
CBD : 4-6% 
CBDV: 4-6%
Number of seeds : 3 pieces

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We are celebrating another victory in the field of new cannabinoids with the introduction of our special Auto CBD-Victory strain. This is the first commercially available CBDV seed strain with a 1:1 CBD:CBDV ratio.

Auto CBD-Victory is 75% Sativa and 25% Indica. Indoors, it grows in about 10 weeks from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light with a good yield of corn-like flowers. We used the reserve of genes resulting from our "Genetic researches" as basic material. After four years of development, we are now ready to commercialize these new CBD/CBDV autoflowering seeds.

Auto CBD-Victory will grow vigorously and form large, dense buds of exceptional quality cannabis. The dry "buds" contain approximately 4-6% CBD and 4-6% CBDV. THC levels are guaranteed to be below 0.3%. The effect is "lively", but not psychoactive. With notes of wood, pine and a slight sweet vinegar taste, this beauty has a very pleasant terpene profile.

While much remains to be discovered about the beneficial effects and medical prospects of CBDV, early research shows real potential. By launching the world's first CBDV-rich strain, Dutch Passion hopes to help improve the lives of patients around the world and take medical cannabis to a new level.