Bubble Gum Lollypop - Kulu Sweets
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Bubble Gum Lollypop - Kulu

Type : Bubble Gum Lollypop

Brand : Kulu

CHF1.00 (tax incl.) CHF0.93 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The product

Bubble Gum Lollypop is fruity and you can feel the hemp in the back.

Without THC, it can therefore also be safely consumed by children!

Yet another success among sweet treats!

The brand

Kulu is one of the oldest and probably the largest Dutch supplier of accessories for smokers.

It has its own workshops and production facilities in India and can therefore always check the standard of its products without fail !

That's why its products are inexpensive but far from cheap scrap!

Finally, it attaches great importance to the quality and good finish of its products.

Our opinion

Sweet hemp lovers will be delighted!