About Us

Cannabis King® is a registered trademark created in 2017 by two childhood friends who were passionate about the challenge of entering an emerging market. The website "cannabisking.ch" was launched on 20 April 2017. Without realizing it, we had just started our activity on a date that was emblematic for all cannabis smokers around the world.

During our first two years of activity, we have been able to make our place in a turbulent market thanks to our rigorous work and impeccable service, which has enabled us to build loyalty among a growing number of our customers. We have gone from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company (Sàrl) and since the summer of 2018 we have left our garage to work under better conditions in our premises in Semsales (FR). Our team has recently expanded with a new sales force, as well as a secretary and a marketing team to support us in our growing daily tasks.

We are constantly looking for new partners to expand our product range to satisfy an increasingly large and demanding customer base. We regularly meet with producers and key players in the CBD field to find the rare pearls for our site. All our products are guaranteed 100% legal in Switzerland and we make it a point of honour to choose only top quality products, without pesticides or chemicals.


The founders:

Baptiste Alvino

Born in 1977 in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Computers and programming have been a passion for him from an early age. After an apprenticeship as an entertainment electronics salesman and a few years practicing this profession, he started working in various independent activities in IT. He quickly realizes that this will remain the basis of his professional life. Thanks to his skills, good ideas and analytical skills, he participates in many projects and helps to set up various IT structures. This includes websites, applications, software, databases, business creation, webshop,...
At the beginning of 2017 he embarked on the "Cannabis King" adventure.


Nicolas Sahli

Born on 15.02.1982 in Uster (ZH) in Switzerland to a French-speaking father and a German-speaking Swiss mother, he spent a good part of his childhood on a hill in Rwanda in Central Africa. Then at the age of 9 he returned to Switzerland to study in Neuchâtel. After completing an apprenticeship as a commercial employee with maturity and honours, he moved to Lausanne to start his working life. In 15 years of professional life he was a receptionist, logistics manager, salesman and then branch manager. At the same time he set up several independent projects, online commerce, gas economizers, online art gallery to eventually set up his own business in cannabis at CBD. Active since 2017 in the CI Chanvre association, where he is a member of the committee, he was appointed vice-president of the association in the spring of 2019.


Our Vision :

We are proud to be among the pioneers of CBD cannabis in Switzerland because it has been used for thousands of years in more or less all fields (construction, food, textiles, medical, etc...). This is only the beginning, but we are convinced that cannabis is regaining its rightful place in our society.

We believe it is our duty to inform people about the benefits of cannabis in all areas and we are doing everything we can to democratize this plant with a thousand virtues. However, this does not mean that we are in favour of the uncontrolled legalization of cannabis for recreational use. We work with several partners for a well supervised legalization with traceability of products from the cultivation to the specialized store where the informed consumer could buy his cannabis for recreational use. It is still a booming market where everything still has to be done and that is what makes this adventure so exciting because we learn every day.

We regularly organize events to meet our public and introduce CBD and its properties to enthusiasts. Each time we are pleasantly surprised by the welcome of our customers, even the most reticent in terms of cannabis and we do our best to explain all the unknown aspects of this plant. We would also like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and encouragement during these years of service.