Pollen - Kanna One - CBD hemp Switzerland
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Pollen - Kanna One - CBD hemp Switzerland

Name: Pollen 

Quantity: 5g, 10g
THC rate: <1%
CBD rate: <33%.
Taste: Fresh, Earthy
Price per gram: CHF 5.-

  • 5 g
  • 10 g
CHF25.00 (VAT incl.) CHF23.21 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product:

Cannabis King® presents a preview: Pollen from Kana One! This dry extract comes from quality plants, carefully selected by Kanna One, from which the pollen is extracted in a natural way.

The fresh and earthy taste of this pollen is bewitching! It has a light fruity and fresh note that balances the whole. A success story!

Containing about 33% CBD, Kanna One pollen has a relaxing, soothing effect and will effectively reduce your pain!


Cold pressure leaves a small amount of residual moisture in the pollen. For the more patient among you, we recommend storing your pollen for two to three days out of its original sachet, in a wooden or glass box or in the open air and away from light. When drying, it will then release all its olfactory power!

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