Moonrocks "Cannabis Crunch" - Green Passion - CBD hemp
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Moonrocks "Cannabis Crunch" - Green Passion - CBD hemp Switzerland

Name: Moonrocks "Cannabis Crunch"

Quantity: 5gr
THC rate: <1%.
CBD rate: Up to 70%
Taste: Earthy, strong
Culture: Indoor

Price per gram: Chf 10.00

CHF50.00 (VAT incl.) CHF48.78 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product 

Cannabis King® presents the Moonrocks "Cannabis Crunch" by Green Passion. Also called Caviars, Moonrocks are a mix of the best indoor flowers, concentrate, pure CBD crystal and pollen!

The process is simple: Each CBD flower is hand-soaked in a high percentage hemp oil extract, followed by 99% pure CBD crystal and high quality pollen. This gives the Moonrocks flowers an extremely high CBD content of up to 70%! 

The taste is difficult to describe. Purists will appreciate the earthy taste, which is reminiscent of the somewhat rough, natural hemp taste, which can be surprising.

Consumption is somewhat different, here are some tips for a good moon landing:

Due to the very high CBD content, overconsumption of Moonrocks could have some undesirable side effects. (nausea, diarrea) Therefore, prefer a very small dose for the first consumption, and adjust afterwards. It is recommended to consume Moonrocks in the evening before going to sleep.

Use a small chisel or your fingers to crush your Moonrocks. They are very hard and greasy, and a grinder could have problems with the texture and break down the different layers.

Moonrocks are usually eaten in a pipe or bong. The manufacturer recommends a Tobacco-Moonrock ratio of 90%-10%. You can also prepare an infusion. Be careful however not to forget to use a fatty substance, as CBD is lipophilic. Finally, the best way is still the vaporization which allows a fast administration of the CBD without burning the product.

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