Yellow "Dude King" Round Sticker By Dennis Gaja - Cannabis
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Yellow "Dude King" Round Sticker By Dennis Gabbana - Cannabis King®

Name: Yellow "Dude King" Round Sticker

Designer: Dennis Gabbana
Type: Round sticker
Dimensions: Diameter 7cm or 14cm

  • Diameter 7cm
  • Diameter 14cm
CHF0.25 (VAT incl.) CHF0.23 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product:

After the T-shirts, Cannabis King® is now releasing Dennis Gabbana's beautiful design as stickers!

Available in two sizes (7cm or 14cm diameter), these stickers will give a cool and original look to any surface of your choice! Home, music room, basement, car, anything goes! 

We look forward to seeing your most original photos on our social networks!

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