Da Vinci 3.0 - Da Vinci
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Da Vinci 3.0 - Da Vinci

Manufacturer: Karma Classic
Model: Da Vinci 3.0

Type: Spray
Raw material: Aluminium, glass
Type of use: Concentrate, Grass, Essential Oils, BotanicalsWeight: 600 grWarranty: 2 Years

CHF135.00 CHF150.00 -10%
VAT included

The product:

The 3rd generation Davinci finally overcame all start-up problems and the failure rate dropped to zero, a more powerful battery with a shorter charging time was installed and several other parts were replaced and improved. the black DaVinci is absolutely shock-resistant and equipped with a temperature selection to the nearest degree! the DaVinci, small, handy and yet combining several steam variants for travel. Gone are the days of sensitive butane vaporizers, DaVinci offers 45 minutes of steam in a very small size. With DaVinci, many different materials can be evaporated. Whether it is herbs, concentrates or essential oils, they are first placed in small containers before being put into the DaVinci. The herbs are poured directly into the small gorge and after only 30 seconds, the DaVinci is ready to let off steam. The temperature is perfectly controlled to the nearest degree by the digital measuring electronics. After 10 minutes, the DaVinci vaporizer turns off automatically, but can be restarted immediately by pressing a button. For cleaning, a small metal brush has been specially developed and stored in the sprayer. The DaVinci is of good quality, practical and user-friendly. The excellent temperature control and Davinci vaporizer concept always ensure uniform evaporation of herbs

The brand:

Karma Classic brand is one of the largest electric cigarette manufacturers in the United States. This medium-sized Las Vegas Nevada company also produces vaporizers in addition to high quality e-ziggis. With the DaVinci vaporizer, Karma Classic has made the leap into the first league of portable vaporizer.

Our opinion:

Ultra efficient, practical and easy to use.