FlowerMmate Aura Vaporizer
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Flowermate Aura - Smiss

Manufacturer : Smiss
Model: Flowermate Aura

Type: Portable Sprayer
Raw material: Stainless steel, Ceramics, Glass
Type of use: Concentrate, liquid, flowers

VAT included

The product

The product pack contains:
1 Aura vaporizer
1 liquid/wax chamber (organic cotton)
1 medium capsule in stainless steel
5 stainless steel grates
1 tool for packing and dabbering
1 cleaning brush
1 Aura® mouthpiece
1 USB charging cable
1 instruction manual (English)

How to use the AURA Flowermate Spray
Quickly press the AURA button 5 times (in less than 2 seconds)
Press + and - to adjust the temperature
Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to activate the warm-up chamber
When ready, the steam symbol appears, indicating that you can use it
To change the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius, hold + or - for 3 seconds.

Advantage to vaporize with Aura Flowermate:
Guaranteed combustion-free
Small size, less than 15 cm long
Displays the temperature
2 hours of autonomy with a full battery
Integrated LG battery (2600 mAh)
Heats in less than 1 minute
Automatic shutdown
Adjustable temperature

The brand

Smiss Technologys is one of the oldest and most important e-cigarette manufacturers.
Thanks to its own factory in Shengzen, Smiss can offer a very good quality thanks to an irreproachable know-how.

Our opinion

The AURA vaporizer is a new vaporizer on the market, by its very attractive price and its advanced technology, we find it perfect to offer to our customers.

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