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Hydrology 9 - Cloudious 9 - Vaporizer

Manufacturer : Cloudious 9
Model : Hydrology 9

Type : Vaporizer
Raw material : Aluminium, Glass
Type of use : Concentrate, Herbs, botanicals and essential oils
Warranty : 2 Years

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The product

This dry grass sprayer uses a hydraulic system that produces a full-bodied steam that is rich and fresh at suction.

Bulit-in "Tunnel Tube" water filtration system facilitates cleaner and softer inhalation, reduces carcinogen ingestion and cools steam.

The water filtration system installed by Cloudious 9 is a real innovation, it allows a distribution and especially a uniform distribution of heat for a better tasting.

Enabling unimpeded steam flow, the system delivers a smoother, cleaner result than any other portable vaporizer.

Integrated water filtration technology provides cooler vapors while reducing suction resistance.

Finally, even if the device includes water in the unit, whatever movement we have made with this vaporizer, it has proven that it is totally waterproof.

In addition, the Hydrology 9 vape features a patented stirring mechanism that automatically screens the bud in the chamber for better heating distribution, significantly reducing waste.

Its screening mechanism eliminates the rejection factor of the grass to be vaporized, which contributes to the quality of the vapor by producing rich and dense vapor clouds, a must!

LED indicator light in the water chamber to guide you through your new vaporization experience with light distributed throughout the liquid tank, truly very fun.

Precise temperature control allows you to accurately select and maintain 5 optimized temperature levels.

The thermal integrity maintenance characteristics are controlled by chip.

When the desired temperature is inhaled, unwanted cold air enters the chamber and lowers the overall temperature.

The chip will detect the lowest temperature and quickly return it to the desired level.

With its glass base, the Hydrology 9 has excellent construction quality and long battery life, making it an ideal centerpiece for entertaining your guests.

Hydrology 9 is unique and innovative, with advanced water filtration technology and a patented agitator that enhances the user experience and maximizes the efficiency of your dry grass.

This dry herb sprayer uses a hydraulic system that produces a rich, full-bodied, fresh steam when drawn.

The Hydrology 9 vape is supplied with a 2000mAh lithium polymer battery, which fully charges in two to three hours.

The battery lasts about fifteen sessions.

The Hydrology 9 vaporizer reaches its initial temperature in about 60 seconds, a relatively fast heating time.

The brand

Cloudious 9

Our opinion

Hydrology 9 pushes the boundaries when it comes to dry herb sprayers, raising the bar very high for competitors.

The steam is tasty and creamy, thanks in large part to the integrated water filtration and mixing device.

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