Extreme Q - Arizer - Vaporizer
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Extreme Q - Arizer - Vaporizer

Manufacturer : Arizer
Model : Extreme Q

Type : Vaporizer
Raw material : Plastic POM, Glass
Type of use : Concentrate, Grass, Essential oils, Botanicals
Weight : 300.0 gr.
Warranty : 2 Years

VAT included

The product

Arizer Extreme Q is a very good vaporizer for aromatherapy and phyto-inhalation.

It has been improved since its entry into the market in 2010, in terms of energy used, noise, although it remains perfectible, the heating time and the number of temperature sensors.

The special potpourri bowl allows you to pour a few drops of your favourite essential oil and turn it on, and this is the delight of the senses!

With its pre-programmed temperatures, it heats with a constant air flow, its triple temperature sensor, its use of a balloon or a whip hose make it a very functional vaporizer at low cost.

The delivery of the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer contains:

A vaporizer (Warm-up unit and AC adapter).

Two glasses Cyclone Bowls.

A glass of Potpourri crockery.

A Potpourri sample.

One Pk screen (Contains 1 flat screen / 1 Dome).

A remote control.

Two glasses Interchangeable whip spouts.

A glass stick.

Three Foot Whip.

A Mini Whip.

Two Balloons / Bags with glass balloon Becs and Seals (one assembly).

A manual.

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