Hypnos Zero - Linx - Vaporizer Portable
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Hypnos Zero - Linx - Vaporizer Portable

Manufacturer : Linx
Model : Hypnos zero

Type : Vaporizer Portable
Raw material : Stainless steel, Ceramic, Glass
Type of use : Concentrated
Dimensions of the device : 10.7 cm H
Weight in gr. : 80.0000
Warranty : 1 Year

VAT included

The product

The Linx Hypnos Zero is a compact Vape Pen spray for BHO, DHO and CO2 extracts.

The body of the Hypnos Zero is made entirely of stainless steel which gives it a nice finish.

The Hypnos Zero also has a glass tip to ensure that the steam retains its pure taste.

The steam passes through components made of medical-grade ceramic and stainless steel.

Hypnos Zero is a vaporizer with a chamber and a ceramic atomizer.

Thanks to the ceramic technology, Hypnos Zero preserves all the taste of your extracts during your sessions.

No more sprays that give your extractions a taste of tungsten or burnt wick.

The potent ceramic plate heats the surface instantly and evenly, delivering unparalleled pure flavour.

Zero toxin because the vapour that passes through the glass tip, the chamber and the heating plate are made of ceramic and therefore healthier and has no fibres, plastics or paints.

The unique design of the heating plate effectively vaporizes, leaving little or no waste.

Thanks to its coilless and wick-free design, it requires little maintenance.

In addition, it allows safe and easy filling and cleaning.

The reinforced ceramic plate increases the lifetime of the atomizer.

Learn how to clean the Hypnos Zero easily and safely:


The lithium-ion battery recharges in 1-2 hours per USB 650 mAH.

Dimension: 14 mm Diameter x 107 mm Length.

Weight: 46g.

Input voltage: 2.7V - 5.5V; Output: 3.5V - 4.1V.

Compatibility: Can be screwed to all systems with a 510 screw thread.

Very suitable for Wax or Dab.

The delivery of the Linx Hypnos Zero spray contains:

Hypnos Zero 650mAh Rechargeable Battery / Atomizer / Two glass tips with filter section and USB charger.

All 1 year warranty.

excellent value for money has already attracted many followers.

The brand


Our opinion

The Linx Hypnos Zero is one of the most stylish compact portable vaporizers with four temperature settings.