Volcano Digit - Storz & Bickel - Vaporizer, Vaporizers
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Volcano Digit - Storz & Bickel - Vaporizer

Manufacturer : Storz & Bickel
Model : Volcano Digit + Easy Valve Stater kit

Type : Vaporizer
Raw material : Aluminium, POM Plastic, Glass
Type of use : Concentrate, Herbs, Essential Oils, Botanicals
Warranty : 3 Years

CHF535.00 (VAT incl.) CHF496.75 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product

Manufactured since the 2000s, the Volcano no longer needs to prove itself.

Known as one of the best vaporizers in the world, nothing but that!

Reliable and easy to use, Volcano is made of the best materials.

These materials used are taste-neutral at all temperatures and agreeable to food standards, providing exceptional quality steam.

Volcano Digit is a digital display for temperature adjustment + Easy Valve Stater kit: 5 balls of 60 cm = 3 m, possibility to use several tips.

Working with forced air, the Volcano guarantees a vaporization temperature accuracy that you won't find on any other vaporizers.

Indeed, the living room vaporizer with whip hose, on which you must vacuum to vaporize, does not guarantee a good vaporization temperature accuracy.

Even if the pipe sprayer has a temperature display that can be adjusted to the degree of accuracy, it will not be as accurate as the Volcano, because the temperature is also influenced by the force you aspire to.

The quicker the suction, the colder the air tends to get, on the other hand, the lower the suction temperature will be.

Thanks to forced air, you have no influence on the flow of air delivered by the Volcano.

This air flow is factory calibrated at Storz & Bickel to ensure accurate air outlet temperature.

With its simple operation, handling is very easy and does not require learning time like some vaporizers.


Just press the red button to turn on the Volcano and the green button to pulsate the forced air.

The Volcano uses a silent diaphragm pump to draw air through a filter at the bottom of the unit, which is then heated by the cartridge heater to the temperature selected on the Volcano.

The air will be blown by forced air through your botanicals or essential oils to create steam and fill the Volcano's balloon.

Once the balloon is filled with steam, it can be removed and used for inhalation.

The brand

Storz & Bickel

Our opinion

A must, a new experience guaranteed!

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