DaVinci IQ Black
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IQ Black - DaVinci - Vaporizer

Manufacturer : DaVinci
Model : IQ

Type : Vaporizer
Raw material : Aluminium, glass
Type of use : Concentrate, Grass, Essential oils, Botanicals
Instrument dimensions : Very compact
Weight : 290 gr
Warranty : 10 Years

VAT included

The product

With the IQ vaporizer, DaVinci remains true to its innovative heritage by guaranteeing the purest possible flavour a vaporizer can offer.

Taste the difference

With the IQ mouthpiece made of zirconia, DaVinci has raised the level of purity and flavour.

100% of the steam passes through a zirconia ceramic tube, a material of the highest quality.

The mouthpiece allows the user to get the purest flavour you've ever tasted with a vaporizer.

Remaining true to its heritage, Davinci innovates by guaranteeing the purest flavour that a vaporizer can produce.

Smart path technology

IQ's Smart Path technology allows the user to select 4 temperature settings, allowing the unit to automatically set the best temperature for your vaping sessions.

Choose a setting, use it and enjoy it, it's simple and intelligent.

Bluetooth device integration

The IQ is an application-compatible device that allows the user to have complete control over their sessions.

You will be able to follow your Smart Path usage and see other important information about your device.

The application helps extend the capabilities of your IQ to make it more powerful and intelligent.

Did you see a vaporizer turn on when using your phone?

Do it now with the IQ vaporizer, 10 year warranty!

The brand


Our opinion

DaVinci has created a more powerful and intelligent vaporizer, the IQ!