Pure Tea Freemind - Pure Production
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Pure Tea Freemind - Pure Production

Type: Tea Freemind
Brand: Pure Production
Quantity: 40g
Specifications: CBD infused

VAT included

Contains: 40 g tea blend Freemind

Ingredients: dried hemp leaves, lemon verbena, blackberry leaves, CBD infused.

Nutrition Facts per 100 g: Energy: 106 kcal/444.2 kJ, Fats: 3.16 g, Saturated Fat: 0.91 g, Carbohydrate: 24.29 g, Sugars: 6.14 g, Protein: 13.37 g, Salt: 0.07 g

Description: The lemon verbena gives the tea blend Freemind its intense lemon taste. The tea can be enjoyed hot or cold and is excellent to quench the thirst. The fruity taste of the blackberry leaves and the herbal taste of the hemp leaves round off the intense bouquet this tea.

Storage: Store your tea in a dark, dry and cool place. Use a dry spoon to remove your tea. 

Usage: Use one teaspoon of the mixture per cup of hot water, infuse for eight minutes, enjoy.

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