Natural Herbal Tea N°5 "Wellness" - with Cannabis Sativa L.
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Herbal Tea N°5 "Wellness" - With Cannabis Sativa L. With CBD - Biokonopia

Name: Herbal Tea N°5 "Wellness"

Quantity: 30gr
THC rate: <1%
CBD rate: <5%
Ingredients: Roses, apples, raspberries, orange peels, lemon peels and hemp leaves.

CHF15.00 (VAT incl.) CHF14.63 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product:

Cannabis King® offers you Biokonopia's CBD Wellness Herbal Tea N°5. This herbal tea is made from hemp sativa L leaves, rose flowers and a subtle blend of fruits.

The hemp leaves are hand-picked and naturally dried to preserve all the flavours and properties. This herbal tea is perfect for digestive problems. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and will also help with anxiety and stress. 

For optimal preparation, follow the instructions on the back of the package.

You can add milk, honey and/or lemon for even more flavour.

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