Protein Bar HanfSegler - Apple Taste - AlpenPionier
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Protein Bar HanfSegler - Apple Taste - AlpenPionier

Name: HanfSegler

Quantity: 1 pce
THC rate: 0%
CBD rate: 0%
Taste: Apple

CHF4.90 (VAT incl.) CHF4.55 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product 

Cannabis King® presents the HanfSegler protein snack, by Alpenpionier. 100% organic and local, this bar is guaranteed without additives or preservatives. With its 9gr of protein per snack, it is ideal during sports training or for intense creative moments. 

It's a tasty and natural granola-type snack! You would think it was homemade! The combination of apples, nuts, roasted hemp seeds and oats is fantastic! It will satisfy you in the middle of the day, or at breakfast, and all in a healthy way! It is perfect for vegans.

A premium creation from AlpenPionier to be enjoyed now!

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