Shisha Pumkin 3 Drops 520 - Boost
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Shisha Pumkin 3 Drops 520 - Boost

Name : Shisha Pumkin 3 Drops
Brand : Boost

Height: 520mm
Colors: Green or black
Material: Glass and natural leather (pipe)
Number of pipes max: 2 (adapter not included)
Number of pipes supplied: 1
Closing system: screw
Fireplace: Wide ceramic fireplace

  • Green
  • Black
CHF68.90 (VAT incl.) CHF63.97 (VAT excl.)
VAT included


Highlights of the shisha Boost Pumkin 3 Drops:

  • height of the shisha (including head): approx. 520 mm
  • a metal thread is applied to the glass.
  • extra strong hose adapter with a larger passage (7mm) and a polyamide ball in the valve for easier pulling
  • Plastic valve ball, no rust and does not stick.
  • The diameter of the dip tube is very thick and made of stainless steel.
  • The smoke column of the shisha is screwed to the glass vessel, which prevents the glass vessel and the smoke column from inadvertently coming off
  • The charcoal tray is screwed down, so that the shisha can be carried by the charcoal tray.
  • The shisha is removable for cleaning: The dip tube is also removable.
  • An adapter for a second shisha pipe can be connected.

The shisha gives an impression of high quality thanks to the materials used, the shape of the glass container and the screwing of all parts. The smoke column of the shisha is made of solid material, which allows the smoke to cool well.

All metal parts of the hookah are rustproof

Accessories supplied with the High Quality Pumpkin Shisha 3 Drops: glass container with metal thread, smoke column - in several parts, glazed tobacco head, pipe, ash tray, charcoal tongs, a set of seals

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