Organic Hemp Rolls 5m - Raw
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Organic Hemp Rolls 5m - Raw

Type: Organic Hemp Rolls
Brand: Raw

Sheet size: 5m
Weight: Ultra-fine paper 12g/m2

VAT included

The product :

These rolling sheets are unique compared to any cigarette paper you have ever observed or smoked before.

RAW paper is translucent with a characteristic darker shade.

This RAW shade is due to the fact that the assembly process is hindered earlier than with conventional cigarette papers and that no synthetic substances or dye specialists are added to the paper.

Each sheet is decorated with HBI's extraordinary CrissCross watermark.

This watermark allows the cigarette to consume fairly, which is why we are so remarkable.

The brand :

Raw is a leader in his field. It produces magnificent rolling sheets for the greatest pleasure of its customers.

Our opinion :

New sheets that have arrived on the market and are at the top of their game.

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