Chill Size 130mm rolling sheets + filters - B-Chill
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Chill Size 130mm rolling sheets + filters - B-Chill

Name: Chill Size 130mm rolling papers + filters - B-Chill

Quantity per booklet: 32 sheets + 32 filters
Sheet size: Chill Size (130mm x 44mm)
Ultra thin unbleached paper
Natural gum arabic

CHF2.50 (VAT incl.) CHF2.32 (VAT excl.)
VAT included
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Cannabis King® offers you the kChill Size 130mm rolling sheets with filters from B-Chill.

Are you tired of rolling small spliffs or having to make collages?

Then Chill Size Slim 130mm Rolling Sheets are exactly what you need!

They are much longer than normal sheets. Plus, they're made with ultra-thin, unbleached paper and natural gum arabic, so you can get your kicks just right!

The package contains 32 large Chill Size Slim rolling sheets and 32 cardboard filters. All you need is the metal grinder and the B-Chill Lighter to be at the top of your smoking accessories!

Pass them on to your buddies so they can enjoy them too and chill to the max!