HempPowder - AlpenPionier, Power Food
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HempPowder - AlpenPionier

Name: Hemp powder

Brand: AlpenPionier

Quantity: 400g
Ingredients: Hemp powder

VAT included

The product:

AlpenPionier hemp powder is an excellent energy source. Whether in muëslis, smoothie, bread or pastries, you will appreciate its taste and its effect on your health. This powder is made from hemp seeds certified 100% Swiss and organic. The seeds are cold pressed to extract the oil, then ground to transform them into this magical powder. Its fat content is very low, unlike its protein and omega 3-6-9 content, which is very high.

The brand:

AlpenPionier is a Swiss brand that has been on the market since 2017, working with more than 30 organic farmers and has succeeded in reviving edible hemp in the Alps. Their main objective is to reintroduce hemp into people's diets, proving that this plant has one of the highest nutritional values that nature can offer us. Whether it is for top athletes, or for anyone who wants to eat healthy and naturally.

Our opinion:

This powder is simply incredible. She will accompany you daily and you will feel in great shape thanks to her!

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