Hemp Honey - Qualicann
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Hemp Honey - Qualicann

Type: Honey with CBD cannabis flowers
Brand: QualiCann
Oil quantity: 125g
THC rate: <0.1%
CBD rate: whit
Taste: Honey and indoor cannabis flowers

VAT included

The product :

Qualicann CBD Flower Honey is made from ORGANIC spring honey with 1.25g of the best flowers from their production. With its sweet and floral taste, it leaves a slightly lemony note at the end of the mouth. 

Ideal to sweeten a tea or on a slice of bread with a little butter. It can also be enjoyed on its own.

Composition: Organic spring honey and 1.25g of indoor CBD cannabis flowers. 

The brand :

Qualicann GmbH was founded by three young entrepreneurs with the motivation to produce the best possible CBD cannabis. Thanks to many years of experience and a lot of know-how, the chances were good from the start. We have not only succeeded in producing CBD products of the highest quality, but also on a regional and sustainable level. 
From the original seeds, through the cultivation of our own varieties and mother plants, to the harvesting, drying and ripening of the finished product, everything is done in-house. This guarantees not only compliance with our strict quality guidelines, but also great transparency and short transport routes.
In the following, the entire production process from mother plants to the final product is presented.

Our opinion :

A honey with an extraordinary taste, an essential not to be missed.

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