Natural Clear Quartz Pipe, Pipe
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Natural Clear Quartz Pipe

Name: Natural Clear Quartz Pipe

Dimension: About 110mm long, 20mm high
Material: Natural Quartz

CHF22.50 (VAT incl.) CHF20.89 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product :  

Cannabis King® offers you original pipes, made of natural quartz! About 11cm long, it is convenient to use and fits well in the hand. For those who consider stones as "energy aids", clear quartz is a stone of light. It is said to give those who meditate with it greater spiritual clarity. When sleeping with it, it is said to help increase the clarity of dreams and improve sleep.

The pipe comes with a small metal bowl, easily removable for quick cleaning.

Opt for a solid, original and beneficial pipe at a mini price!

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