"Pure Kawum Insomnia" Glass Pipe - Shanti, Pipe
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"Pure Kawum Insomnia" Glass Pipe - Shanti

Name: "Pure Kawum Insomnia" Glass Pipe

Dimension: About 150mm long
Material: Glass

VAT included

The product :  

Cannabis King® offers you the Pure Kawum Insomnia glass pipe from Shanti. Made of high quality borosilicate glass, it is simple and discreet. The pipe is 15cm long and is easy to use and comfortable to hold. The firebox has a nice space to hold a good amount of herb. It is conical in shape and will not let anything slip through during use. The pipe is easily washable in its entirety despite the fact that the firebox is not removable. It is nicely moulded on the front of the pipe.

A sober and practical accessory, to always have at hand!

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