Pre-rolled joint - Biokonopia, Cigarettes
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Pre-rolled joint - Biokonopia

Name: Pre-rolled joint

Trim CBD: <10% CBD and <1% THC

Cannatonic: <20% CBD and <1% THC
Quantity: 1g

VAT included

The product:

This hand-rolled joint offers a lemony flavour thanks to Biokonopia's Cannatonic herb. Also composed of Trim CBD, it is intense in taste and very pleasant to smoke. In addition, the pre-rolled seal is sold in its reusable case to guarantee freshness and conservation.

The brand:

Biokonopia is a Jura company specialized in the sale of cannabis to CBD and its derivatives, very attentive to the quality of the products offered Biokonopia to a wide range of different varieties, impressive!

Our opinion:

Practical and delicious, this joint will allow you to smoke without any material on you and the effect is guaranteed!

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