5 Pre-Rolled Joints - Green Skunk - B-Chill
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5 Pre-Rolled Joints - Green Skunk - B-Chill

Name: 5 Pre-Rolled Joints - Green Skunk - B-Chill

Quantity: 5 joints / pack
THC content: <0.7% - CBD content: <18% - THC content: <0.7 span="">
CBD content: <18%
Taste: Intense, floral and slightly woody aroma

Price per unit: 5.00 CHF/joint

CHF19.90 (VAT incl.) CHF18.48 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product

Cannabis King® offers you the 5 Pre-Rolled Seals - Green Skunk from B-Chill.

Our first pre-rolled CBD joints are now available in our online store!

They are pure spliffs of Green Skunk CBD, cultivated in altitude in our superb Valaisan mountains in the south of Switzerland!

Bags of 5 pre-rolled joints that offer a very good quality-price ratio, so you can enjoy your CBD flowers in peace!

You will have the opportunity to discover an intense, floral and slightly wooded aroma with a rate of 18% of CBD and 0.7% of THC!

So treat yourself and taste these delicious Swiss CBD spliffs!

Moreover, with each package you buy, we donate 1.- for the legalization of cannabis!

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