Orange Bud MiniBUDS - Genuine Swiss
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Orange Bud MiniBUDS - Genuine Swiss

Name : Orange Bud MiniBUDS
Brand : Genuine Swiss

Quantity : 10.0g
THC content: <1
CBD content : <20
Taste : Orange, fruity
Culture : Indoor
Price per gram : From 4.5 Chf.

CHF36.00 (VAT incl.)CHF45.00-20% CHF35.12 (VAT excl.)
VAT included


Our Minibuds bags contain mostly small flowers that, due to their size, may still have residual leaflets.

The brand:

Genuine Swiss relies on the best indoor quality and a balanced taste. In addition, we guarantee the best aroma experience when eating these excellent flowers with the least amount of chlorophyll possible. Thus, our customers enjoy an ideal taste experience.

The gradual drying process is gentle, which keeps the ideal residual moisture in the flowers, so that they can be crushed with the fingers in case of emergency.

It is very important to us to offer our customers a pleasant and enjoyable experience. By making the experience totally convincing, from the smell to the consumption.

That's why we cultivate according to the highest hygienic quality standards and ensure that all fertilizer residues are eliminated as far as possible through our gentle production.

The product is 100% natural and contains no tobacco or nicotine.

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