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Harlequin Trim - Cannabis King - Cannabis CBD Switzerland

Name: Harlequin Trim
Brand: Cannabis King

Quantity: 20g

THC rate: <1%
CBD rate: -15%
Taste: Fruity
Culture: Cutting leaves
Price per gram: Chf 1.50

VAT included

The product

The Harlequin Trim comes from our high-end product: Harlequin . Its taste is perfect to replace tobacco in your joints or roll cigarettes.

Its price per gram is very attractive.

Ideal for making infusions, cooking or as a tobacco substitute.

The brand

Cannabis King is always looking for new products to find the best range of CBDs on the market. Whether it is a limited or exclusive edition, we offer you a wide range of CBD products to satisfy all our customers and offer different ways to relax and relax when you feel like it.

We will be happy to help you in the choice of products, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Our opinion

A very good deal!

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