CBD Cigarettes - Alpinabis, Cigarettes
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CBD Cigarettes - Alpinabis

Name: CBD Cigarettes
Brand: Alpinabis

Quantity: 20 cigarettes
Tar: 8mg
Nicotine: 0.5mg
Carbon monoxide: 10mg

CHF16.92 CHF19.90 -15%
VAT included

The product:

These CBD cigarettes are made of tobacco and dried hemp flowers. Tobacco is additive-free, natural and 100% Swiss.

The brand:

Alpinabis is a Valais-based company involved in the production and marketing of hemp. Thanks to their many years of experience in the cultivation of various organic plants, they know how to provide the best quality. They are the first legal hemp producers to offer cigarettes to CBD.

Our opinion:

The best CBD cigarettes you can test. Taste and effect are combined.

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