Card Grinder Amsterdam - V Syndicate
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Grinder Card Amsterdam - V Syndicate

Name : Card Grinder Amsterdam
Brand: V Syndicate
Format: Credit card

VAT included
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The product 

Take a piece of Amsterdam home with the XXX Grinder Card from the V Syndicate.

This card feature one each our pattened grind textures, fine, medium and course inside each X. Now you can grind for any occasion.

Instant gratification is always possible when you carry your herb essentials in your wallet! The Grinder Card™ is a slim tool with huge implications that will prepare you for any smoking scenario. Enjoy vacations and festivals without the complexities of hiding bulky accessories. 

Modern times call for eco-friendly solutions, therefore the Grinder Card’s unique grating surface utilizes only 5% of what the average grinder requires. Crafted with medical grade stainless steel, this card withstands rust to offer a safe and quick solution. The card’s teeth are sharp enough to grate the toughest of buds, but will spare your fingers from injury. Each design offers a different variant for consistency preferences: choose from Fine, Medium, or Coarse and achieve your desired outcome every time. Indecisive people will find their compromise with the Grinder Cards that offer more than one consistency, transitioning throughout the design smoothly as a pleasing gradient. The card will easily go through airport security to ensure discreet ownership. 

The brand 

Founded in 2010, V Syndicate® is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the leisure and smoking accessories industry. A commitment to innovation inspired us to create the world’s first flat herb grinder in the form of a wallet-sized card, appropriately titled the Grinder Card. This sleek tool is eco-friendly, utilizing only 5% of the metal that a typical grinder requires. The medical grade stainless steel prevents rust, while a variety of teeth sizes offer three consistency options. Along with our other products, the Grinder Card is customizable to suit any advertising need, offering a memorable gift for customers who love to travel with their accessories.

We hold multiple licensing agreements and have worked with several renowned artists and brands in the industry, including Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa. Our international offices in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands allow us to study market trends throughout the globe, ensuring that we develop all of our products with the consumer in mind. We aim to assist companies in growing their business with the use of viral promotional products that are sure to offer a bold, memorable statement.

Our opinion 

The best portable grinder of all time.