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Activated carbon filters actif- 40pces ActiTube - Large

Type: Activated carbon filters - Large
Brand: actiTube
Quantity per box: 40 active carbon filters
Dimension of filters: 35x8mm
Weight: 0.20 g / filter
Material: cellulose and activated carbon

For single use

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CHF5.50 (VAT incl.) CHF5.11 (VAT excl.)
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The product:

ActiTube Slim filters Large have been designed to filter a large part of harmful substances with activated carbon.

It has the particularity of retaining certain elements such as nicotine and tar that form during the combustion of cigarettes and other harmful substances.

When the smoke passes through an activated carbon filter, a lot of the harmful tar in the smoke sticks to the charcoal.

The smoke is less harmful, it is cooled by a ceramic tip, which makes it softer, the taste of tobacco is mitigated but not that of grass and the effect of the "hit" is not altered.

The black side is to put in the mouth and the white side inside your joint or cigarette.

Winter tips:

At temperatures below 5 ° C, the filter may become clogged due to condensation of smoke inside the filter.

That is why it is advisable to smoke indoors during the cold season or keep the filter warm until you turn it on.

The brand:

The company ActiTube was founded with the name "Tune smart smoking", which was changed to ActiTube for brand reasons.

All ActiTube products are made in Germany.

Our opinion:

A good alternative to cardboard filters and much less harmful to the lungs!

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