50 PURIZE® Regular size - Filters
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50 PURIZE® Regular size - Filters

Type: Activated Carbon Filters - Regular size
Brand : PURIZE®

Quantity per box: 50 activated carbon filters
Filter size: 8,3 mm x 35,7 mm
For single use only

VAT included

Delivered in a resealable and practical supply plastic bag.

Ideal if You are on the way, as the filters can be stored airtight and waterproof.

Suitable for all kinds of 9 mm-pipes & of course for ALL kinds of rolled-up cigarettes!

Reduces the actual intake of harmful substances and gives You a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience.

All sides can be used – both end caps – are made of ceramic.

PURIZE® Filters are made of environmentally concscious materials and 100 % „Made in Germany“.

advantages :

- A significantly more pleasant smoking experience

- A more intense taste

- Reduction of pollutants

- Natural and sustainable product

Dimensions: 8,3 mm x 35,7 mm

Filling: activated coal-based carbon

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