Carbon Filters "Cali Filters" - 6mm
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Carbon Filters "Cali Filters" - 6mm

Name: Activated Carbon Filters "Cali Filters"

Quantity: 20pces. per box
Diameter: 6mm

CHF4.50 (VAT incl.) CHF4.18 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product:

Cannabis King® is proud to offer you Cali Filters carbon filters!

Always anxious to offer you a quality product at an unbeatable price, we have concocted a high quality product for you. Our activated carbon filters will filter out a good amount of harmful and unnecessary particles from smoking, while allowing CBD, terpenes and THC to pass through.

This version is 6mm in diameter and is ideal for small to medium sized cigarettes or joints.

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At Cali Terpenes, they are dedicated to the development of cannabis terpene profiles, 100% natural, to be used in vaporization and aromatherapy. They have one of the best testing and product development laboratories in Europe and they always use high quality raw materials to ensure that their products meet all our customers' expectations.

The high quality of terpens is very important to them and they ensure working with products of the highest purity, thus ensuring excellence in the end products. It should be noted that their terpenic profiles of specific cannabis varieties often end up being part of other products on the market, forcing them to assure customers of the maximum quality and standards of all their products. In Europe and the United States, their customers already mixed their terpenes, either with CBD, PGC, glycerin or THC (depending on the country and/or the customer), and mixed them with different herbal extracts and resins to obtain exceptional results.