myGeeko E-juice - Limoneta 10ml
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myGeeko E-juice - Limoneta 10ml

Name: myGeeko E-juice - Limoneta.

CBD content: 0%
Nicotine content: 0mg/ml; 3mg/ml; 6mg/ml; 12mg/ml
Volume: 10ml

The Limoneta is an e-liquid with a unique taste from a lemonade recipe, with flavors of sorbet and lemon slightly acidic, which instantly transports your taste buds into a dream where you enjoy a lemonade cocktail. To be consumed without moderation in the most beautiful terraces of our dear country.

  • 0mg/ml
  • 3mg/ml
  • 6mg/ml
  • 12mg/ml
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VAT included

The product:

Looking for an e-liquid with a tangy citrus taste, the myGeeko Limoneta is for you, the mixture of flavors and perfectly balanced, which gives an amazing result to the point of forgetting if we vaper or sip a lemonade

The composition of the e-liquid myGeeko offers an ideal consistency for any type of vape, your favorite atomizer and drippers will release the incredible taste of lemon in all its splendor.

Composition :

50% vegetable glycerine and 50% propylene glycol

Food flavors


The vegetable glycerin & propylene glycol are the basic composition of the e-liquid myGeeko, this mixture has the property to generate steam when it heats in your atomizer. The food flavors are used to bring all the flavors to the secret recipes myGeeko. In the e-liquid myGeeko we use liquid pharmaceutical nicotine pure to 99.9%, the purity of nicotine can promote a quality hit (sensation of soft contraction in the throat when the steam passes).

The flavors used meet the strictest requirements of the food industry.

They contain no diacetyl, paraben or ambrox.

The e-liquids myGeeko are usable with all brands and models of e-cigarettes, cigars, electronic pipes and all personal vaporizers available on the market.

For a conservation in good conditions, keep your e-liquid myGeeko away from light and preferably in a dry place at a room temperature of about 20 ° C.


What dose of nicotine should I choose for my e-liquid?

The dosage to choose depends on your cigarette consumption and your addiction to nicotine.

12 mg for strong addictions

6 mg for medium addictions

3 mg for light addictions

0 mg if you have no nicotine addiction

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