CBD Sweet Orange - Merlin's Garden
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CBD Sweet Orange - Merlin's Garden - e-Liquid

Type: E-liquid - Cannabis Botanical Dream
Brand: Merlin's Garden - Sweet Orange
Quantity of E-Liquid: 10ml / 30ml
THC rate: <1%
CBD rate: >10%
Taste: Orange and Cannabis
Nicotine: Whitout
Propylene glycol (PG): Whit / Whitout

  • 30ml
  • 10ml
CHF11.45 CHF22.90 -50%
VAT included

The product:

Cannabis Botanical Dream Sweet Orange whit his unique taste of cannabis and orange was created for CBD lovers who want a cannabis fragrance whit orange taste.

The Cannabis Botanical Dream range has been specially designed for e-liquids enthusiasts with a high rate of CBD.

E-liquid refill with min 10% CBD (cannabidiol) and <1% THC, made from biologically produced hemp flower extract.

Can be used to charge e-cigarette cartridges and clearomizers.

Shake well before use, being produced with 100% natural ingredients, Merlin's Garden e-liquids may have fluctuations.

Not suitable for pregnant women and young people under 18 years of age.

The brand:

Merlin's Garden is a Swiss company specialized in e-liquids 100% organic and made with carefully selected natural products.

The secret of superior quality and incomparable taste comes from their manufacture with natural raw material and without the addition of artificial flavors.

Our opinion:

Superbe vape for connoisseurs!

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