Mota CBD Rich seeds - Lamota
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Mota CBD Rich seeds - Lamota

Name: Mota CBD Rich    
Brand: Lamota
Valid for: Interior and exterior
Gender: Feminized
Genotype: Sativa 55% / Indica 45%
Flowering time: 60 days
THC: 0.5%.
CBD: 15%.
Number of seeds: 3 pieces

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The product:

Mota CBD Rich from LaMota Seeds is a genetics selected for its high CBD and very low THC levels. It is a hybrid 55% Sativa and 45% Indica obtained after a complex selection process to find the desired characteristics. To obtain it, a series of crosses were initially carried out between a wide variety of plants, then breeding work and laboratory analyses were fundamental.

Mota CBD Rich is a cannabis variety that will be really easy to grow. With a good substrate, proper fertilizer and sufficient lighting, it will grow without any problems and without being affected by pests or different diseases. Its rapid flowering, of about 60 days, will allow you to harvest it outdoors around mid-September, when the weather is still good almost everywhere, which will prevent it from being exposed to diseases and fungi. This plant will have a very elegant habit, with a structure in which the central head will be the main actress surrounded by lateral branches producing dense and uniform heads. It is a very beautiful plant, with colours ranging from dark green to almost black tones if exposed to low temperatures during the flowering phase. The heads are covered with thousands of tiny CBD crystals, smaller than the THC glands.

The brand:

The LaMota Seeds Bank is a project that dates back to 1995, when a group of cannabis enthusiasts began to focus on different genetics and the world of cannabis in general. At that time, obtaining cannabis seeds was a real battleground, but their perseverance led them to travel the world in search of certain varieties. They had the opportunity to discover in person the most experienced farmers on the planet and to obtain the best genetics from each continent. They have come a very long way, and have had the opportunity to learn from the best the techniques and secrets by which they have been able to develop exceptional genetics.

Since 1999, when they opened one of the first growshops in Spain, their devotion to the plant has allowed them to grow. And a few years ago, they decided to start this project in order to share with the general public the genetics they kept secretly: quality seeds whose results have never disappointed anyone, even the most beginners.

Our opinion:

Mota CBD Rich will have a good cannabis taste, with earthy and citrusy notes. The smoke, white and dense, will fill your palate. Thanks to La Mota CBD Rich you can enjoy cannabis without suffering any psychoactive effects. So you could say it's a light cannabis. On a therapeutic level, it will offer good results for the treatment of insomnia or for any pathology that has shown improvements following CBD-based treatment. You can also use it to make creams and oils rich in CBD.