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Solodiol Auto CBD seeds - Elite Seeds

Name: Solodiol Auto CBD Seeds
Type: Autoflowering
Brand: Elite Seeds
Valid for: indoor and outdoor
Gender: Feminized
Genotype: Sativa 80% / Indica 20%
Flowering: 9 weeks (from the date of germination)
THC: < 1%
CBD: 16%
Number of seeds: 3 pieces

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The product:

Elite Seeds Solodiol Auto CBD cannabis seeds are autoflowering cannabis seeds with a high CBD content containing almost no THC (<1%). This cannabis plant is vigorous, resistant, hard-flowered and compact. It reaches 24% CBD and never exceeds 1% THC, and this characteristic is guaranteed in all offspring.

Born following the crossing of two CBD-rich genetics: one of Afghan origin and the other of Asian origin.

Intended for therapeutic, wellness or recreational use.

To be used alone when you want to obtain a 100% lucid effect (nothing psychoactive), to be used as a replacement for tobacco in mixtures, with hashish, extractions or with a herb rich in THC.

The brand:

Elite Seeds is a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to genetic and plant breeding. We are also the only cannabis seed bank that has high THCV and CBDV marijuana varieties. We have our own laboratories, equipped with the best technology, in the Science Park of the University of Valencia. This allows us to really develop our biotechnology project, varieties with specific cannabinoid content such as CBD, THC, THCV and CBDV... We are entering the online world so that you can get to know us better, offer technical information and share scientific articles of great value, both for recreational purposes and for the medical use of marijuana. Always from the point of view of culture for self-consumption and risk reduction.

The technical method is complemented by the passion for cannabis and the fight for legalization, in particular self-cultivation, which we practice from the heart of Elite Seeds, Iñaki Garcia (agronomist, biotechnologist, master in genetics and plant breeding) and Ana Ramon (CEO, legality and administration) founded in 1997 WITHEC (Valencia Association for Cannabis Studies). We are fully aware of the tastes and appetites of consumers and producers, we guarantee the experience in processing through our Kanopia store, which was the first fast-growing store in Valencia in 1999. We feel cannabis as a culture, similar to that of wine, with its aromas, its effects, and we bet on a rational use of marijuana, which is always based on information and knowledge.

Our opinion:

Solodiol Auto CBD has penetrating aromas that recall the smell of moist forests with notes of red fruits. Its effect is pleasant, gentle and without psychoactivity.