Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10% - Cannabees, CBD Oils
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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10% - Cannabees

Name:  Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Oil quantity: 15ml
THC rate : <1%
CBD rate: 10%
Taste: Hemp
Nicotine: Without
Propylene glycol (PG): Without

VAT included

The product

Cannabis King® brings you the high quality, great tasting CBD oil produced by Cannabees. It comes in an attractive 15ml square drip bottle. It contains 10% (1500mg) of CBD.

Cannabees dissolves the CBD themselves, in 100% organic Swiss rapeseed oil. This oil is produced with high quality, carefully selected plants.

This oil will help you to calm your muscular pains, articular, headaches, migraines etc. It will also help you to sleep better and to relax. Its terpene profile is very pleasant and gentle. This high quality oil contains the full spectrum of hemp extract (Full Spectrum). In this way, these CBD drops ensure a complete and effective effect.

At an unbeatable price, this oil deserves your full attention!

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