CBD Oil for animals 20% - Hanfpfoten, CBD oil for animals
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CBD Oil for animals 2000mg - Hanfpfoten

Name: CBD Oil for animals

Oil quantity: 30ml
THC rate : <1%
CBD rate: 6.66%
Taste: Cannabis
Nicotine: Without
Propylene glycol (PG): Without

CHF134.00 (VAT incl.) CHF124.42 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product

This high-quality CBD animal oil is offered to you by Hanfpfoten. It contains 20% CBD, extracted from plants grown organically by Hanfpfoten in Switzerland, without pesticides or herbicides.

The CBD extract is dissolved in 80% high-quality hemp seed oil. Made in Switzerland, tested, blended and bottled by independent, GMP-certified laboratories. Strict controls guarantee a pure product, free of solvent residues and of the highest quality for your pet.

This oil is the heavyweight of the range! The solution for large dogs and other large animals (horses, cows etc). It contains a broad spectrum of action. The bottle comes with a graduated syringe!

You will quickly notice the following effects on your pet: healthier coat, increased and improved vitality, less pain, helps intestinal transit, calmer animal, and a multitude of other positive effects!

Made in Switzerland by experts in the field, you will be won over by the quality of this product and your big four-legged friends will be delighted!

We recommend that you read the instructions on the packaging before using the product for the first time!

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