Nanny Queen - Paradise Weeds - Swiss CBD
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Nanny Queen - Paradise Weeds - Swiss CBD

Name: Nanny Queen
Brand: Paradise Weeds

Quantity: 4G, 10G
THC rate: -1%.
CBD rate: 17%.
Flavour: Earthy
Culture: Indoor
Price per gram: From 5.90

CHF25.00 4 g
CHF59.00 10 g
VAT included
Quantity Discount You Save
5 2% Up to CHF2.50
10 4% Up to CHF10.00
20 6% Up to CHF30.00

The product :

Nanny Queen is a beautiful indoor herb with light green and beautiful trichromatic buds as usual at Paradise Weed. In addition 10 cents per gram are donated to Congo LTD, an association working for the Jamaican community in various projects in Congo.

The brand :

Concerned about the well-being of the consumer, we cultivate and select our herbs carefully. We pay particular attention to offering products that respect the rules of cultivation as naturally as possible.

For this reason we have moved towards organic crops.

Paradise Weeds does not only cultivate existing varieties but is also committed to creating new genetics through crossbreeding and selection through long tests.

We offer both professional and amateur growers a range of high-quality cuttings. We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers and to this end we do everything possible.

Our opinion :

One of the best weed on the market actually.