Purple Haze - Swiss Botanic - CBD hemp Switzerland
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Purple Haze - Swiss Botanic - CBD hemp Switzerland

Name: Purple Haze
Brand: Swiss Botanic

Quantity: 7.5g
THC rate: <1%.
CBD rate : 18% - 21%.
Taste: Earthy and sweet
Culture: Indoor
Price per gram: Chf 6.60

VAT included

The product 

Purple Haze grown by "Swiss Botanic" indoors, comes from the Sativa variety which gives it a sweet and earthy taste. Add to that a touch of Haze and you can enjoy the bitterness associated with a good berry smell.


With a high CBD rate, the soothing effect is guaranteed.

The brand 

Swiss Botanic is a Swiss company specialized in the indoor cultivation of legal cannabis containing less than 1% THC.

Our opinion 

Sold in small cans, the beautiful Buds remain intact until opening.

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