Fluffy Lemon Cream - Ganjah Cannasuisse
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Fluffy Lemon Cream - Ganjah Cannasuisse

Name: Fluffy Lemon Cream
Brand: Ganjah

Quantity: 4.5g
THC rate: 0,64%.
CBD Rate: 18.2%
Taste: Fruity, sweet
Culture: interior Price per gram : Chf 12

  • 5 g
  • 2 g
VAT included

The product :

Both Fruity, sweet, it releases a freshness by smoking it.
Curly Genie was born and raised in Switzerland in the Canton of Schwyz. It contains only high quality cannabis flowers and Ganjah guarantees its 100% Swiss origin. It does not contain tobacco or nicotine and no chemicals were used during cultivation or after harvesting.

The brand :

Cannasuisse produces and sells hemp products with a THC value of less than 1%. Their hemp is grown naturally and without pesticides and herbicides in Switzerland and treated by hand.

Our opinion :
The taste of the product is really very pronounced, from the beginning to the end of the joint its taste remains the same and transports you in another universe.

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