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Name: Gorilla
Brand: CymBioSed

Quantity: 15g
THC rate: -1%.
CBD rate: -20%
Taste: Fruity and musky
Culture: Greenhouse
Price per gram : Chf 3.60

VAT included
Quantity Discount You Save
5 2% Up to CHF5.40
10 4% Up to CHF21.60
20 6% Up to CHF64.80
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The product :

A hybrid variety with a predominance of indica, our variety has fruity and musky flavours. Its taste is very pronounced and unbeatable. It will provide you with an unforgettable and unique experience, really to discover.

The brand :

The values of CymBioseD :
Autarky cultivation linked to aquaponics makes it possible to guarantee the control of all the elements necessary for plant growth and flowering. The result is maximum product QUALITY, and therefore a totally revealed and optimized taste. We produce close to home in compliance with the SWISS labels, with particular attention, at all times. We are passionate and only deliver the best of our plants, because we perfectly control the entire production chain, in accordance with the high standards we set for ourselves as well as the organizations and control authorities to which we are subject.
TECHNOLOGY associated with culture, aquaponics, makes it possible to generate an increased and accelerated growth of nearly 30%.
The closed circuit, controlled in terms of nutrients, light, recycling and reuse of components necessary for plant development, makes them examples of ORGANIC culture, fully respecting ECOLOGY by limiting the impact on the environment through the optimization of the use of light and nutrients.

Our opinion :

Sensation of freshness!