La Bomba - 2 Pre-rolled joints - Mon Joint, CBD flowers
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La Bomba - 2 Pre-rolled joints - Mon Joint

Name: La Bomba
Brand: Mon Joint

Quantity: 1.7g = 2 joints whit 0.7g
THC rate : -1%
CBD rate: -17%.
Taste: Subtly fruity
Culture: Indoor
Price per gram: Chf 7.15

VAT included

The product :

The "Bomba" of Mon Joint are 2 pre-rolled joints made of pure Calanda Kush flowers. Pushed to full maturity in an indoor hitech installation it gives magnificent buds very fragrant and resinous as we like them. As soon as you open the package, you can smell its fragrance intoxicating your nostrils and it tastes really superior.

The brand :

Mon joint by Canna Invest SA. The choice of cuttings is an essential element for all CBD cannabis producers. The selection of clones is therefore an essential step, even crucial, if we want to obtain the best possible plants. The cuttings are therefore chosen with great methodology in order to guarantee all our customers a final product of high quality, both in terms of CBD rates, appearance, taste and smell.

With such rigor on the choice of our cuttings, an exceptional experience is guaranteed to all CBD lovers. Whether to relax with friends or just for pleasure, flowers produced in such conditions promise unforgettable evenings.

The flowers are dried with the greatest care, protected from light and with constant humidity control. Some premium varieties of CBD cannabis can be stored in barrels, ranging from 4 to 6 months of storage, this is one of the longest and most important processes.

Our opinion :

What happiness!

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