Critical Sensi Star - Swiss Botanic - CBD hemp Switzerland
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Critical Sensi Star - Swiss Botanic - Cannabis CBD Switzerland

Name: Critical Sensi Star

Quantity: 7g
THC rate: <1%.
CBD rate: 24% - 28%
Taste: Very sweet and slightly sweet, wild fruits and sweets
Culture: Indoor
Price per gram: Chf 7.15

VAT included

The product 

The Critical Sensi Star cultivated by Swiss Botanic in Hydroponics is one of the most beautiful indoor qualities that can be found throughout Switzerland.

The flowers are covered with so much resin that the crystalline trichomes glow in the dark, hence its nickname "white strain".

At the end of flowering it develops on most buds pretty purple touches.

Its aromas are very sweet and slightly sweet with touches reminiscent of wild fruits and sweets.

The buds are all white and very sticky.

She looks like the best coffee in Holland.

His CBD level is extremely high.

Its effect is relaxing and lasts very long.

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