Pong Indoor - Zuya - CBD hemp Switzerland, CBD flowers
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Pong Indoor - Zuya - CBD hemp Switzerland

Name: Pong Indoor

Quantity: 10g
THC rate: <1%.
CBD rate : 18% to 22%
Taste: Soft, harmonious, balanced
Culture: Indoor
Price per gram: Chf 8.00

VAT included

The product :  

Pong, a premium indoor grass, 100% Swiss, without pesticides or herbicides, offered by Zuya!

Pong is the perfect complement to its little sister Ping! With its soft and harmonious taste, it is very pleasant to eat, even on its own. You will be enchanted by the sweet, slightly fruity and earthy aroma of the flowers, typical of a high quality indoor plant.

The plants are cultivated in Glarus, organically grown, hand-picked and naturally dried to preserve their full aroma and active ingredients. The flowers are beautifully manicured by hand! Beautifully sized, resinous and easy to work with. Real little gems!

A high quality herb that is pleasant to eat and will delight you at any time of the day.

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