La Mista Limited Edition "Limoncello" - My Joint
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La Mista Limited Edition "Limoncello" - My Joint

Name : La Mista Limited Edition "Limoncello

Quantity : 10g
THC content: <1%
CBD content: 12-19%
Taste : Fruity, lemony and sweet
Cultivation : Indoor
Price per gram : Chf 5.-

CHF50.00 (VAT incl.) CHF48.78 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

The product:

Cannabis King® offers you this limited edition product from "Monjoint®".
Enjoy this Limoncello with a lemony, sweet and slightly spicy taste. This sativa variety is a pleasure for the taste buds at every puff! You won't get tired of it, but hurry this limited edition.

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