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The look on the leaflet was sometimes so frightening that the result of taking the medicine was more a fear than a relief. As children, they did not want to look at it, they wanted to support it, with the strong conviction that they should try hemp as a natural medicine. After the initial scepticism, the "tests" went very well. Their mothers were so impressed when they took the test products that it didn't take long and they asked for more. Mama Iris and Mama Dorothea were the cornerstone of their CBD start-up. "Irido" for short.

Natural CBD and Beeswax Ointment "Himmelsgold" 50ml - Irido
Name: Natural CBD and Beeswax Ointment "Himmelsgold"
Quantity: 50mlTHC rate: 0%CBD: WithMain ingredients: Active CBD isolates, beeswax, incense fragrance, argan oil, shea butter. THC free, Paraben free, Silicone free.