Vaud wants to regulate future pilot trials of cannabis sales

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Vaud wants to regulate future pilot trials of cannabis salesThe canton of Vaud is preparing to launch pilot trials of recreational cannabis sales. The project was approved by the Grand Council in March 2021 and is awaiting federal authorisation. In preparation for this authorisation, the canton has announced measures to supervise the trials and ensure their safety.

Recreational cannabis, which is sold over the counter and without authorisation in North America, is banned in Switzerland. The Swiss authorities are investigating whether a regulated sale could be more effective in combating the black market.

The cantonal authorities of Vaud have published a document detailing the measures to be taken to ensure the safety and quality of the products. Cannabis producers will have to obtain an authorisation to cultivate and produce cannabis products for pilot tests. Retailers authorised to sell cannabis will have to meet strict criteria, including staff training and site security.

The document also states that customers will not be able to buy more than 10 grams of cannabis per week and that minors will not be able to buy cannabis. The authorities also stressed the importance of providing clear information about the risks associated with cannabis use.

The pilot trials of cannabis sales are a first in Switzerland, and their implementation is eagerly awaited by some, but worried by others. Supporters of the pilot trials believe that they will allow better control of the quality and safety of cannabis sold in the canton, while opponents fear an increase in cannabis use and its consequences for public health.

The pilot trials of cannabis sales in Switzerland are a subject of debate that raises divergent opinions. However, Vaud's decision to put in place strict measures to regulate these trials is an important step to ensure their safety and effectiveness. It will be interesting to follow the evolution of this innovative project, which could pave the way for new ways of regulating and selling cannabis in Switzerland.

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